Thursday, October 20, 2005

No Soveriegnty with Bush leading the way...

I've been sitting back, watching the GOP self destruct.

Rove, Bush's Chief of Staff, and Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff, are both implicated in the outing of a covert CIA agent. Both have denied it and it has even come to light that Bush KNEW that Rove was involved. Both have had serious inconsistensies revealed in their testimony over the past two years and according the the Washington Post Rove is now saying that Libby gave him the info on the agent...cowards always have to have someone to pin it on. Cheney has been implicated, himself, as being involved.

Bush stalling on Katrina aid while giving more tax cuts for the wealthy a lot of thought.

Republican controlled government that wants to slash domestic programs that millions of people need in order to save the tax cuts for the wealthy...why not lay all the burden of GOP fiscal irresponsibility on the poor...sorry, me bad, the GOP does not believe there are poor people in America.

Tom Delay indicted, not once but twice and his replacement in the House involved in the same kind of money laundering schemes.

Bill Frist being brought in for questioning under an investigation by two agencies for insider trading.

Bush's pick in the Procurement office very quietly resigns on a Friday and is arrested on the following Monday.

The list goes on.

I have to hand it to the GOP...the Contract For America gimmick worked least until greed got to big for them to handle. Now that egos have gotten outrageously out of hand, everyday people are paying a very dear price...

What did the GOP deliver under the Contract For America? I can tell you many things they delivered, most of which benefits the wealthiest, corporate and cronies of the GOP while everyone else loses more every day and has no way to recoup their losses.

First Iraq, Now Syria

OK, Boys and Girls...can anyone tell me by what authority the U.S. has invaded Syria to fight?

I do not recall Congress giving the Bush administration to go into Syria uninvited. Nor do I recall the U.N. Security Counsel even meeting about it, let alone giving us a green light to forcibly invade another soveriegn country.

No country in the world has a right to soveriegnty while idiots run our country and we will have no right to bitch when the come here for vengeance.

I found an article that sums it up very well.

Invade Syria? Insane

Using the Iraq war as an excuse to invade Syria is no different than when Nixon used Vietnam as an excuse for going into Cambodia...all it will cause is greater loss of life for more fabrication.

Death for reasons that have nothing to do with protecting the American people...


I heard this morning that now the Bush administration is pressuring the U.N. Security Council to act on Syria. If no action is taken on the U.S. for going into Syria to use military force without an invitation and being held accountable, what gives the U.S. the right to demand that Syria be held accountable for something there is no solid proof of?

Condi Rice needs to either seal up that hole in her face or grow a go on about holding Syria accountable when the Bush administration has not been held to account and to bluster about respecting the soveriegnty of other nations when we have invaded Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria is a severe oxy-moron.

Abuse and desecration of the dead are only a part of the wonderful vacation offered on the U.S. Invasion Tour...naw...we don't do that, do we?

This time it was caught on film by someone who is not intimidated by the catch phrase of UnAmerican.

And yes...since our ultimate goal in Afghanistan wasn't really to kill bin Laden after he orchestrated the murders of almost 3000 innocent American lives, you have nothing left but invasion and a coup` least Jeb and Unocal got the oil pipeline they had been striving for...