Monday, April 17, 2006

Christianity and Islam...Respect

It is disgusting that any American would show their stupidity so outrageously by disrespecting the memory of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.

NASHVILLE, April 11 — As dozens of mourners streamed solemnly into church to bury Cpl. David A. Bass, a fresh-faced 20-year-old marine who was killed in Iraq on April 2, a small clutch of protesters stood across the street on Tuesday, celebrating his violent death.

"Thank God for Dead Soldiers," read one of their placards. "Thank God for I.E.D.'s," read another, a reference to the bombs used to kill service members in the war. To drive home their point — that God is killing soldiers to punish America for condoning homosexuality — members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., a tiny fundamentalist splinter group, kicked around an American flag and shouted, if someone approached, that the dead soldiers were rotting in hell.

Story to be found here.

These people are supposed to be Christians? They would celebrate the deaths of our soldiers because we are not as narrow minded of a country as they are personally?

Laws are being enacted in several states to keep protesters at a decent distance from funerals like this...about time. These people obviously have no respect for life of any kind and kind of re-enforces the fact that extremists operate in all religion.

Christianity is an excuse for many to do the unthinkable. It can be callous, disrespectful, cruel, spiteful and extremely narrow minded. It can be used as reasoning for murder, abuse, torture, thievery and any other ill behaviour and also used for justification of such.

The Great Crusade to make everyone on the planet believe and behave as you do...not a decent legacy in any sense of the word.

I have never had anyone try to shove Islam down my throat as in Christianity. Islam is, in fact, a very peaceful religion.

It seems that Islam is actually more respectful of life than what the Christian of America has turned out to be.

America's disgrace looms even larger.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Iran and Complicity in Murder

Let us ponder this statement by George W. Bush as we think about the possibility of him leading our country to bomb yet another soveriegn country who has done nothing to merit being attacked...

"The threat from Iran is, of course, their stated objective to destroy our strong ally, Israel," Bush said. "That's a threat, a serious threat. . . . I'll make it clear again that we will use military might to protect our ally Israel." Article from The Washington Post

I'm sorry...wasn't it the supposed Christian leader, Jerry Falwell who recently stated on National TV that we should "blow them all away in the name of the Lord"?

Falwell apparently wishes to put blood on the hands of the Christian God...maybe it is to make it moral or spare the false prophets of the right fringe the guilt of murder (if Christ also gets bloody).

Pat Robertson calls for assasinations of the leaders of other countries. Considering Chavez actually funded a program on America's East Coast this past winter in order to sell our most vulnerable citizens inexpensive heating oil so they would not have to freeze to death...I believe Robertson has showed his backside as yet another false prophet.

America is full of false prophets.

Back to Bush's statement. The only real intelligence we have on Iran is sparse but not urgent. The only urgency here is that ISRAEL wants Iran knocked about. Constant repetition of the rhetoric does not make their fantasy turn into reality unless you are completely stupid.

Let me pose a serious question as to what makes Israel a strong ally...could it be the spying they do on us? Selling our military secrets (to China no less)?

Maybe it is the FACT they they have been allowed to get away with MURDERING U.S. CITIZENS? Sailors upon the USS Liberty to be exact. Google search USS Liberty.

Hey...if your STRONG ALLIES are not willing to murder your military personnel, what kind of ally can they be?

For those of you who believe that the U.S Government would not stand by and allow U.S. citizens to be murdered...THINK AGAIN.

As surely as Roosevelt knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese (as much as 11 months beforehand) and did nothing but sacrifice 2400 American lives for a political agenda, the crew of the Liberty were expendable for our "ALLY", Israel. Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act have proven that Roosevelt and his administration were complicit in the murder of our citizens and destruction on our military bases in Hawaii. That banner waving, blind excuse for patriotism does not change the facts.

I guess now we can finally see a parrelel between George W. Bush and is the only similarity I can find...COMPLICITY IN MURDER. The tragedy of 9/11 killed more than Pearl Harbor.