Friday, May 27, 2005

Downing Street Memo

Years ago, at least two Americxans blew the proverbial whistle concerning the Bush administrations plans in the summer of 2002 of invading Iraq...plans which George Bush stated to the public that he did not have. The Downing Street Memo has given validity to their attempts at telling the truth. They also tried to tell the US that the intelligence was being "cooked" for the issue, which also has gained validity though the DS memo. Those who attempted to label the whistleblowers as "disgruntled" have been smacked in the face, and those who still carry the conspiracy theme make themselves appear desperate. If the link does not work you can find a copy of the memo at
The Brits have declared the memo as "nothing new" and Scott McClellen, spokeman for the White House, has stated to the NYT that there is "no need" to reply to House Democrats (89 of them) who wrote a letter to the White House inquiring about the memo's validity. Neither government has denied the contents of the memo.

My question is how McClellen can stand with a straight face and claim there is "no need"?

No need? No matter what your politics are, if you are an American citizen, there should be great need in this situation. If, in fact, this memorandum from the British government is accurate, it means that the Bush administration is guilty of offenses that are more worthy of impeachment than getting caught with your fly open. The American people spend close to $5 billion a month for Iraq, yet domestic programs have been slashed when we need them the most. The whole country is scrounging for funds to make ends meet. Our national deficit will still be astronomical for at least two more generations according to recent independent projections. Having to watch our society deteriorate from within, knowing that the respect once held for the U.S. has evaporated and knowing that tens of thousands of people have lost their lives, including our soldiers. That does not even scratch the over 22,000 Americans who have suffered injury and were shipped back home.

My question is, why is there no need to be honest with the American public? If this memo is indeed accurate, it means that George Bush
1. Willfully lied in his capacity as president of the United States in order to manipulate us in what would be undeniably an illegal war, a war in which the "facts were fixed around policy".
2. It means that everyone in this country who has put on the Patriot Hat was duped.
3. It means that we have been paying out of the nose for two years for a group of men to profit from assets of another country.
4. It mean that the Bush administration knowingly fabricated a threat that was non existent.
5. It means that the Bush administration has willfully used fear as a way to control not only the US but everyone else as well.
6. If the memo is accurate, it means that all the blood spilt was for no other reason than the personal gain of a few.

I beg to differ, Mr McClellan, the ones that have been lost deserved to know and the ones they left behind do, too.


At 4:21 PM, Blogger joe-london said...


Some people are getting organized to urge an U.S. Congress Inquiry on George Bush which can lead to his impeachment. A campaign started just yesterday:

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Myst said...

I heard something about two different actions on it and even signed a petition for the House of Representatives to take action.

I am just hoping that instead of taking the "party line" as usual, the people we elected to office will put the US citizens first.

Thanks for the link!

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew a young man in the air force, a friend of my daughters who I was chatting with one night after 911 and during the anthrax scare, and he told me then several months before the invasion of Iraq
was even talked about, that a rumor going thru the military was: Saddam was behind the anthrax poisenings and we were going to go to war with Iraq because of it.
Now if that far in advance, soldiers had knowledge of an impending invasion, even if the reason was one that changed, it was definitely common knowledge that we wanted to start trouble with Iraq, no matter what excuse we had.
And this same young man, who'd been home on leave the prior summer was then quite concerned with tensions with China and the fact they had missles that could reach the us.
Of course, nothing was started with them since they actually HAD WMD's and could kill us.
So the military knew who was a real threat and who wasn't.
I don't think anyone will do anything to that bunch of criminals we elected, they don't want to even rationally discuss why he was relected with such a terrible record in the first place.
Yet Clinton was facing impeachment for lying about getting a BJ?
*laughs bitterly*
we have our priorities mixed up here, don't ya think?
Lets see, international war crimes vs a marital infidelity anyone might fib over....yes those are equal offenses!


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