Friday, May 27, 2005

So Much For The War On Terrorism...

Reuters article

You can not stand against terrorists/terrorism while embracing it and attempting to get yourself and your terrorist of choice off the hook.

"The United States rejected on Friday Venezuela's first move to extradite a Cuban exile wanted for an airliner bombing, in a case that could challenge the U.S. commitment to fight all forms of terrorism."

The excuse, of course, is that Venezuela did not supply enough "evidence" for their request of extradition but the statement below kind of renders that a bit...idiotic, don't you think?

"CIA and FBI files show U.S. investigators believed Posada was involved in the airliner plot, and Posada himself told The New York Times he was behind bombings of Havana hotels in 1997 that killed an Italian and wounded others."

If our CIA and FBI have files on this man linking him to terrorism, not to mention his own admission to a US media source, it appears that it is clear that he is a terrorist.

In the article, a US official states that there is not enough evidence and perhaps Venezuela did not supply what was needed in order to "embarass" the United States. Did we just get out of Kindergarten here?

The possibility was also mentioned that if the US could find a third country to send Carriles to, the US could send him to a place other than Venezuela and get us off the hook.

EXCUSE ME? What happened to decent foriegn affairs? A formal request for extradition was made by the legit government of another country. If the US refuses to extradite a self proclaimed terrorist, how in the hell can we expect other countries to expedite people back to the US? Columbia, for instance, has recently arrested several of our soldiers on charges ranging from running guns to drugs. What would they think of our next request for extradition if we do not play by the same rules that we expect others to abide by? Columbian jails will see their population grow with American criminals...
and we will deserve it.

Makes one wonder if there was any validity to the idea that bin Laden has not been caught by design...


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