Sunday, July 10, 2005

Terrorism Brought Home, "W" Is Wrong Again...

To the people of Britain I express my heartfelt condolences. It is a tragedy beyond compare for any person to lose loved ones in an attack like this. Some here in the US found this out up close and personal on 9/11 when a Bush family friend hit us. I am sorry and all my hopes for your recovery is a daily exercise.

For those who get your shorts in a bunch for me mentioning Bush's family friend, you have the same shorts to get happy in because I am not stating anything that is not fact. The Bush and bin Laden families go way back. Bin Laden, at one time, was being payrolled and supplied by the US, just the same as Saddam was. Saddam apparently outlived his usefulness but bin Laden has not or else he would have been captured long ago. Instead, Bush took our troops out of Afghanistan to invade Iraq and left the search for the murderer of almost 3000 Americans with a severe lack of resources. Now his people have grown in numbers and make us all less safe.


On July 4th, Bush stated "We're taking the fight to the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home."

I hope Blair did not give the people of Britain that same moronic line...they would have tarred and feathered him.

We will be getting ours before can bet your money on it. Why you may ask. If those who believe what they are told do not seek the truth from every possible source and refuse to deal with the reality of what the Bush administration has been doing so they can believe the US is the hero, you would never understand nor would you see it coming.

George Bush has not made the world, especially us, safer. The figures that the Bush administration released last year (I will try to post it for you if I can find it again) showed a dramatic decrease in terrorism for the year but they also had to withdraw their report because actual numbers showed that terrorism had doubled.

Condi Rice's infinite stupidity had her jumping on this and denying any AQ connection. We should be used to her being clueless by now I guess.

For all the Rambo type war proponents a measure of "we told you so" is in order.

We could discuss the ironies of the situation...Bush's only high marks come from the way he deals with terrorism. If this was not so pervertted and sad, it would be funny.

More interesting reading calls it Bush's flypaper theory...The Huffington Post

I have to wonder how many of those who believe George Bush does an acceptable job on terrorism have any idea that last September (2004) the Pentagon did a report that called the invasion of Iraq a strategic mistake. Although the damning report was finished in September 2004, the Bush administration delayed publishing until around Thanksgiving...after the 2004 elections and hours before the holiday weekend, giving it more of a chance to not affect the elections and not to get much media coverage. I wonder how many Americans as a whole know about it. The report also contradicted Bush's claim that they hate us because of our freedom when in fact the report stated that they did not hate us for our freedom but instead they hated us for our double standard policies. I will post a link to the report for anyone who wants to read it or email the pdf document to them.

Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 but Bush attempted to once again put the connections in America's mind recently in a speech meant to shore up dwindling support for the Iraq war. According to our own intelligence, Iraq has become a breeding ground for terrorists in a country where there were no links to Al Quada before we invaded...namely Iraq. I wonder if that's what George meant when he said bring it on...well Mr. Bush, they did.

We could have taken AQ out if we had stuck to Afghanistan...we had the manpower and resources. Instead, our soldier get killed in great numbers, innocent Iraqis die needlessly and our politicians in DC have fully armored vehicles when most of our troops do not.

There has been an outrageous amount of evidence that the Bush administration has manufactured us into a war that has been overlooked for 3 years. The Downing Street memos have been authenticated by Blair himself in Parlaiment session. What is it going to take for America to wake up and put an end to all of the misadventures of Bush and Co.?

The longer the GOP protects them and the American public lets them slide, the more likely we are to see a terrorism attack that makes 9/11 look like a small matter.


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