Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cheney and his gun...

Does anyone really want to give us the whole truth about the "accident" in which the V.P. of the United States shot his hunting pal? Apparently Not...

I do believe it was an accident. That is about all I believe of the official story.

If everything was honestly laid out in the first place, why does the story keep changing?

1. There was no alchohol involved at all...then there was. According to Cheney, there was one beer for lunch. Armstrong first claimed there had been absolutely no drinking but later stated that there might have been a couple of beers in the mix. YES...the woman who announced the "Shot Heard Round The World" is a registered lobbiest...which does not bode well (the V.P. hunting on the property of a lobbiest makes you wonder what he is going to do for those she represents). Did the Bush administration not learn anything from having dealings with Abramoff? The influence peddling and corruption within the GOP is staggering...

2.According to all reports, the victim's injuries were on the wrong side of his body...according to the official diagram drawn up in the accident report.

3. There is still no reasonable explanation of why it took 21 hours for the information to be given to the public...and when it was made public, it was done so by a LOBBIEST instead of the U.S.V.P. There is a great deal wrong with this scenario...the Vice President shoots a hunting partner while hunting on the property of a lobbiest after a beer or two for lunch...and the lobbiest is the one who breaks the news to a local media source, not national news?

4. Why is it that law enforcement did not speak to Cheney for 14 hours after the shooting? Waiting for the beer to wear off, maybe...

5. I have shot several shotguns in my life with several different forms of ammo. You can not make me believe that there was 30 yards between Cheney and the lawyer...the spray would have been too wide. The wounds on this guy was more consistent with something quite a bit less than 30 yards...I would be amazed if it were as much as 10 yards.

6. I also do not believe the U.S. taxpayers should be required to help fund Cheney's hunting trips. We pay for his Secret Service guards, we pay for medical staff to follow him in the woods plus every time he uses Air Force II to get there, we have to foot the bill.

Bush may be satisfied with his answer but as V.P. to this nation he owes the citizens of this country more than what he has given us.

There has been a couple of songs rewritten on behalf of Cheney's latest fiasco...they are rather entertaining...

You can sing along to Cheney's Got a Gun by Bob Rivers (buy it at MSN) The tune of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun".

Dick Cheney's got a gun
Dick Cheney's got a gun
The safety's come undone
He's squintin' in the Texas sun
What did our leader do?
Who'd he put a bullet through?
They said when Cheney goes To Texas
You'll find him huntin' fish and game
His buddy had it comin'
Cuz when Cheney's got a gun
He's just not that good at takin' aim
Cheney's got a gun
Dick Cheney's shot someone
Cindy Sheehan better run
Better watch her liberal buns
Tell him that the war's not through
He'll probably put a hole in you
He tracked a little bitty birdy
Hopin' to blow out its brains
They say the spell that he gets under
From double barrel thunder
Makes his eyes pop out like he's insane
Run away, run away from the Vice President
Run away, run away, run from Dick Che-ee-ay-ee-nee
Dick Cheney's got a gun
Cindy Sheehan better run
He a weapon of mass destruction

We also have a parody of Cheney's victim...
All Shook/Shot Up

Our public officials owe us more respect...this country does not belong to Bush, Cheney and the GOP exclusively. From what I know about Jesus, he would not feel a need to lie, obfuscate or cover up his actions so what is the excuse for the Bush administration?


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Wadena said...

There's truly a lot of misinformation on this shooting.

Stop over for the facts.


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