Tuesday, August 23, 2005

U.S. Run Amok...Christian Terrorism

Some of you have actually been watching and have seen that out Olympic Bomber has now been sentenced and will never get out of prison. This man blew up abortion clinics on a mission from God in order to "embarrass the U.S. government" because he believed that his view...women have no choice and gays are not people which his ideology has proven...was the only right way of doing things. He caused loss of life and permanent injury and really did not care that he did so. He apologized for the Olympic bombing but not the Nightclub or Clinic where he murdered and injured people.

So what is the excuse we are going to get for Pat Robertson, who has recently claimed to have the Republican party in his pocket, advocating the assassination of Venuzuela's president?

Bloomberg.com ``We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come to exercise that ability,'' Robertson said yesterday on the program, an audiotape of which was posted on the Web site of the Christian Broadcasting Network, founded by the cleric and based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. ``This is a dangerous enemy to our south controlling a huge pool of oil.''

Robertson said that Chavez is going to make Venezuela a ``launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism all over the continent.'' Killing Chavez, who is currently visiting Cuba, would be cheaper than starting a war, he said.

``We don't need another $200 billion war to get rid of one strong-arm dictator,'' Robertson said. ``It's a whole lot easier to let some of the covert operatives to do the job and get it over with.''

Hmmm...Chavez has done more for his people than the American govt. has done for Americans...I'm talking the majority of us, not corporations or "faith based" groups. Chavez seems to be less than impressed with bullying tactics and therefore less likely to be intimidated by the American Empire...and he has oil.

OK...he has oil and has threatened to sell it elsewhere if the U.S. continues the bullying and interference...GOOD FOR HIM! It's about damn time somebody showed some backbone in this world.

Let me pose a question to the Christian Right...the statement Robertson made is completely opposite of the Christian Bible's teachings...what are you going to do about it (his mouth)? Are you just going to publicly pay lip service, condemning his statement while allowing him to remain such an obnoxious figurehead...or are you going to stop allowing him to attempt the marriage of religion and politics as you should have done a very long time ago?

Once again, it appears that the Christian groups that have lots of money and try to buy their way into legislation of their own moral codes have the jailhouse religion syndrome going on...

We will profess God when necessary to get what we want but lose him quickly once we do.

Rumsfeld said "we don't do that", which is, of course, a lie but it is always covert and not publicized...anyone who sincerely argues that we do not is incredibly naive.

It was bad enough when America was embarassed by a Republican Senator who publicly stated that we should bomb Mecca (name being left unstated out of sheer National embarrassment...intelligent people could not have elected such a putz which does not say a lot for our country).

It is truly a black mark to this country when a so called Christian leader would stoop to publicly advocating the murder of another human being.

If a person, no matter what nationality, publicly advocated the assasination of Bush they would be arrested and tried for advocating terrorism. Robertson has advocated the assasination of another country's leader...he should go to jail as well.

Why not...we did it to the Native Americans and the Iraqis are being slaughtered now...


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