Sunday, August 13, 2006

Despite Israel's Acceptance of Resolution, More Civilians are dying.

Something is seriously wrong with this scenario. The U.N. Security Council agreed unanimously on the resolution to stop the killing but as soon as it was agreed to, Israel expanded it's terroristic efforts, not only in Lebanon but Gaza as well.

Would anyone in a civilized world accept the idea that another country has a right to call you, tell you to leave your home and everything you own because they are going to bomb you and then either distroy your home or not?

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and possessions

That is terrorism and Israel is doing it...and has been for a while. It is psycological warfare amounting to torture.

Would an American be willing to suffer that from anyone? The answer is a resounding NO!.

Israeli apologists who use the pathetic excuse that Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties need to wake up and smell what they are rolling in...and it sure ain't rose petals.

I have been reading two Israeli websites quite a bit over the past couple weeks...Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post...and if I had a say about my tax dollars going to Israel I would not be sending half of what I have to.

I never held any belief in some of the things I have heard about Israel but as more of a realist I have to wonder where their self rightous "we are the victim" ideology comes from. There are a few things that I have read that were written by people who ARE realistic but those few people are condemed as an anti-semite or a "self hating Jew". One comment over one such realistic post was from a woman calling herself "Daisy" who justified the civilian deaths and destruction in Lebanon by way of claiming that the whole region really belonged to the Jews anyway...the "Holy Land" belonged to God's chosen people (Jews) and that was all the justification needed.

It angered me to the core to read on both websites how the U.S. was giving them unprecedented leeway for their bombing of the Lebonese people...America is very much complicit in the murder of innocent civilians.

When we have military personnel that refuse duty as a Conscientous Objector, it is normally because they do not want to participate in killing that they consider morally, legally and ethically wrong...and they normally end up in confinement of some sort.

I read in both above publications that they have had objector released from fighting in Lebanon over their belief that lands Israel occupied (stole) should have not been released...area like Gaza. NO JAIL, just dismissal. Settlements that were illegal, according to Internation opinion are Israel's rightful property and that the legality of it was rectified is insult to many Israelis. How screwed is that.

Before buying my property, I rented it. When getting ready for purchase my property was surveyed. It was only then, after 2 1/2 years with the same neighbor behind me, did I find out that my neighbor behind me had taken it upon himself to annex almost half of my back yard right before I had moved in. He claimed much of my yard but had not purchased it from the owner. I reclaimed my property with some difficulty but was harassed for it until they moved out. Would any other American just GIVE their property to someone who decided to "squat" on it? Again a resounding NO! To make it more ironic, the man who decided to annex half of my back yard is supposed to be a preacher...head of the local Southern Baptists. Religion is an excuse to take what is not yours (steal), get out of responsibility for your actions, murder the innocent, discriminate and/or manipulate those who have given up the right to think for themselves.

To reiterate...religion is not of any God, it is man made and politicall based to allow only a few to have power in order to use the masses to their own political purpose. Very few religions, even fewer monotheistic religions of which there are three, have heirarchies that do not live in splender while the masses live considerably less well off...and God has not a damn thing to do with that. The Pope is a fabulous example.

I now have a much more interesting view of "Dark Helmet"...a character in the movie "Spaceballs".

He is apparently fashioned after reality by the looks of it.



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