Sunday, July 30, 2006

America's Empirical Aspirations...

Oh, what the hell...let's destabilize the whole Middle East!

No wonder there is growing hatred for the U.S., our double standard policies and aiding Israel with weapons (our weapons are murdering the innocent in Lebanon), money (welfare for them when people in the U.S. are struggling) and carte` blanche to do as much damage as possible.

For years, many Americans have thought that Israel and the Bush administration had their own agenda for the Middle East. It appears that it might be more true than anything.

"Defense officials told the Post last week that they were receiving indications from the US that America would be interested in seeing Israel attack Syria."

The paragraph above was taken from an article in The Jeruselem Post, dated July 30, 2006.

We have invaded Iraq and can not use fabricated intelliigence to get into Iran (would not work a second time) so if we can talk Israel into attacking Syria we will finally have motivation to attack Iran because they would not sit by and allow Syria to be hit by Israel.

In another artcle in which the subject is whether or not it is too late for a full invasion of Lebanon, also dated July 30, the article mentions how some considered Hezbollah weakened and unable to fight (sounds like Dick Cheney saying the insurgentcy of Iraq is in it's "last throes"), only to be reminded that Hezbollah is just as strong as it was before.

That was before Sunday became the day that the most Katyusha rockets - more than 140 - were fired at northern Israel since Operation Change of Direction began on July 12. The officer also spoke before six soldiers were wounded in clashes with Hizbullah guerrillas in close-quarter gunbattles in the southern Lebanese village of Ataybeh. After this day of 140 rockets, a weakened Hizbullah seemed to have been only an illusion.

Three weeks into the war and it is still being fought right along the border. IDF troops from the Nahal Brigade swept into the villages of Al-Adisa and Ataybeh just north of Metula on Sunday in search of Hizbullah guerrillas. While the soldiers did have some success and killed a number of terrorists, Hizbullah was able to continue firing rockets and short-range mortars at Metula, Kiryat Shmona and the rest of northern Israel.

Then there is what IDF officers called Sunday the "recurring nightmare of Kana." Exactly 10 years ago, the IDF was forced to suspend Operation Grapes of Wrath after it accidentally killed over 100 Lebanese in that same village. On Sunday it apparently happened again, although this time it doesn't seem to be having the same effect. The IDF is determined to continue with its offensive, even under the threat of international condemnation.

Acknowledging that the operation's days were numbered, senior officers in the Northern Command said that this Wednesday would be decisive. That is the day when the tens of thousands of reservists called up under the cabinet decision last Thursday will be ready for battle and, if the political echelon permits, the military will recommend sweeping through southern Lebanon in a last-ditch effort to get something out of this campaign.

Get something out of this campaign? I'm sorry but the kidnapping of three does not entitle anyone to go on a mass killing spree of innocent civilians. Then we have the massacre at Qana. 37 or so were children. The IDF warned everyone to leave but where were they supposed to go? Israel was bombing the roads out of town so trying to leave was extremely dangerous.

What does Israel expect to get out of their own terrorist behavior? They still have not answered for their terrorist attack on a U.S. Navel ship 40 years ago...over 34 dead and over 100 wounded...according to surviving witnesses of the crew, they knew it was a U.S. vessel and attacked us without provocation. It was covered up and swept under the rug. Our dead and wounded deserve justice against the terrorism...even if the perpetrator was Israel.

What should they get out of this campaign?

Hopefully retribution...

Additional input appears that the weapons used at Qana were MADE IN THE U.S. U.S. Weapons Used In Qana

The U.S. equivalent to the Taliban, Extremist Evangelical Christians, can now add more murders to their shopping list of Empiracal Aspirations. The Taliban in Afghanistan are well known for forcibly submitting others to their will and beliefs and Democracy is nothing more than ideals that lead to persecution.

That is EXACTLY what the Evangelical political stupidity has done to America. Freedom and Democracy died horrible deaths while zealots and fascists spring forth from the U.S. to devastate the world.

We deserve nothing less than we have be knocked from the pedestal we put ourselves on.


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