Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman's Loss

Tonight before the final tally of the CT. Democratic Primary, Joe Lieberman announced that he would run for his seat again as an Independent.

Now I consider myself a moderate, I try very diligently no to be extreme about too much...of course, I did argue to a friend last year that Tom Delay would be gone before his term was up and even won a whole one dollar bill from it (some things can be seen through Pagan eyes). Mostly, I say "to hell" with anything partisan because first and foremost I am an American, even if that is not much to be proud of anymore. Lieberman has proven one thing above all...

He does not give a rat's ass about what the people said loud and clear...they do not want him to represent them any longer (over 50% of registered voters turned out to send that message).

All Joe Lieberman's efforts are strictly about his wants. The wishes of the people do not count, their votes do not count, their trust does not count and his disloyalty does not count.

Is it that he wishes to help the Republican party in November by taking votes away from the Primary winner?

Is it because he has delusions of granduer that he is entitled to his office even if the people do not want his representation anymore?

Is he entitled because he is Jewish? He did spout off a while back that Jews should vote for him (and there was mention of those who didn't being Anti-Seme

Does he think that his religion entitles him to do anything he pleases, no matter how harmful, just like Israel and their campaign against the civilian people of Gaza and Lebanon?


I, unlike many others, am not afraid of labels or slurs so you can call me anti-semitic if you choose. My problem is not with a person for their religion but their actions.

Lieberman appears to be a traitor simply for the fact that his conceding statement basically told the voters...the people of Connecticut...that they do not matter because what Joe wants is more important. That is what is terribly wrong with those who are running America into the ground, profiting from wars of choice and gutting America's bank book.

Use religious excuses if you choose, it only shows you more for what you are...pathetic.

So long, Joe...you should have followed Ney's example (even if the GOP forced the issue).

The people of America are starting to voice it with gusto...

This country belongs to the people and no politician is entitled.


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