Monday, August 21, 2006

Israel's instigation in Lebanon...

Israel is at it yet again...violating Lebanon's airspace and now killing three who "looked" threatening.

An Israeli army spokesman said on Monday evening: "A force identified armed gunmen coming toward them in a threatening way. The soldiers fired at them and identified three hits."

It is unclear if the men were killed in the shooting which is one of the most serious incidents since a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah began on August 13.

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Israeli publications even admit that Israel is instigating as this quote from Haaretz states...

Even if the tasks that the multinational force will undertake will not meet Israel's requirements, or address all the articles of Resolution 1701, it will force both Lebanon and Israel to recognize the fact the UN decisions have practical significance. Lebanon needs this force because it is meant to assist the government and will not only act to deter Hezbollah, because it has undertaken to help UNIFIL, but it will also be a deterrent against Syrian and Iranian involvement in the country. From Israel's point of view such a significant force could show perhaps the sole diplomatic gain in this war, and may even allow the continuation of certain Israeli-instigated operations inside Lebanese territory.

LOOKED threatening?? What is this...PRE-EMPTIVE INSTIGATION????You used to have to make some type of threatening ACTION before being killed during a cease fire. I guess George's policy of pre-emptive strikes also means Israel has the right to pre-emt their behavior in someone else's country as well.

I can not understand why the "white powers" of the world insist on blaming those who have defended against Israeli aggression as the "terrorists" when it is more than obvious that it is Israel who has caused the conflicts over and over again...seeing the Middle East as theirs by right as the "chosen people of God".

It is more amazing still that the International Community has allowed Israel to get away with the same, if not worse, actions that Arabs and Muslums are accused of and persecuted for.

It is a severe double standard and is severely wrong. If Israel wishes to terrorize it's neighbors as it does, it should be held accountable. If Israel is allowed Nuclear technology for domestic use, Iran should have the same right. If Israel violates U.N. resolutions, they should be made to suffer the consequences...

...but they literally get away with murder...

It's easy to see why many think Israel has no right to exist.


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