Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rewarding those who created the Iraq fiasco...

Any doubt behind the infamous "Downing Street Memo" should be gauged with the individuals who caused the most damage and have been praised and/or rewarded since the invasion of Iraq. In doing so, any semi intelligent person can see a pattern of honoring those who have led the US down the devastating path we are on.

Remember those "Medals of Freedom" that Bush passed out earlier to three of his favorite aides of the war...Tenet, Franks and Bremer? Let's look at why they may have deserved such prestigious recognition.

George Tenet was convinced that the removal of Saddam would be a "slam dunk". He supplied bad intel to the fiasco in making.

Tommy Franks is such an honorable and faithful trooper that he attempted to bomb Iraq back to the stone age and then told the world that we do not count Iraqi casualties, which is one of the duties of our US military when they are engaged in combat.

Paul Bremer, this piece of work was responsible for putting the US government's interest ahead of the Iraqi's once we took over and is responsible for billions of dollars in Iraqi funds and US taxpayer funds evaporating under his watch. He also was in charge of the new law written for Iraq that exemts any US personnel from facing criminal charges in Iraq, for say...anything. If a foreign fighter raped your daughter or shot your children, for the simple reason that they could, I do not believe American citizens would be complacent with the offending soldiers or their government.

Note to all those who would attempt to degrade my honor for saying this. To love your country does not mean to look away, cover your eyes or bury your head in the sand to the realities of war. These things happen and have happened in Iraq. Not all of our soldiers do reprehensible things but many do and the US media does not print or show you because the realities of war would turn most against it. The people who have led us into this war do not want sentiment to turn against their action as it did in Vietnam because of the reporting of it. When you wave that "America is righteous" banner and think of others as "Un-American" because they are opposed to the invasion of Iraq, you are mistaking Nationalism with being a Patriot...and in turn proving yourself to be on the fringe of fascism. Look the words "nationalism" and "fascism" up in the dictionary and then look in the mirror. That is not loving your country.

Back to the issue at hand...

In a Washington Post article yesterday, it was revealed that yet two more of our "fiasco architects" were rewarded.

"Two Army analysts whose work has been cited as part of a key intelligence failure on Iraq -- the claim that aluminum tubes sought by the Baghdad government were most likely meant for a nuclear weapons program rather than for rockets -- have received job performance awards in each of the past three years, officials said.

The civilian analysts, former military men considered experts on foreign and U.S. weaponry, work at the Army's National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), one of three U.S. agencies singled out for particular criticism by President Bush's commission that investigated U.S. intelligence."

Now, of course the Pentagon has not held them accountable and their bosses say that the awards were for their overall performance but is it not a bit odd that all these people that have been rewarded have helped push and cause devastation not only in Iraq but the financial devastation of the US? That does not even begin to account for blood spilt, people crippled and lives lost.

Do not forget that those in charge of the places where abuse and torture have come to light have been promoted while the bottom of the chain of command is held accountable...nothing more than stepping stones and cannon fodder.

A good parent teaches their children that all action has consequences...good for good and not so good for negative.

I ask America this...have we become so complacent in our arrogance that we have become stupid and are willing to be led by the nose without accountability?


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>"I ask America this...have we become so complacent in our arrogance that we have become stupid and are willing to be led by the nose without accountability?"

The word arrogance is key here to understanding America's unwillingness to hold those responsible for the atrocities they commit while serving this country, from the persident and his advisors down to the men and women in uniform.
The arrogance ppl display towards the "enemy" is so overwheming, they refuse to see how damaging it is to both act this way and even more so, to condone it.
Some ppl are so blinded by what they think of as "patriotism" (exemplified by simply serving in the military or holding office by some ppl), that our military personnel can do no wrong in their eyes and anyone who dares to hold the president and all other's who serve in any capacity responsible for their own actions is attacked and vilefied.
Rape and murder and torture are punishable by lengthy prson sentences here, as well as death in dubbya's home state, and most of the ppl foaming at the mouth to defend the few ppl who are engaging in these acts under military immunity are the same ppl who'd be all for punishing severly the same crimes out of uniform or office.
It's selective morality and the US is suffering from a lot of it lately.
It's disgusting to take up for such behavior.
*hugs myst*
guess who?LOL
Got your email, so I came and checked it out.
love ya.


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