Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israeli Aggression Intensifies Despite the Unanimous U.N. Resolution

Forces in Lebanon tripled as IDF pushes north

Israel has nearly tripled the number of forces in Lebanon as part of its expanded ground war in Lebanon, and expects to fight for another week, despite a United Nations cease-fire resolution, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz on Saturday.

Halutz said IDF troops would stay in Lebanon until an international force arrives.

"We have almost tripled our forces that are operating in Lebanon," Halutz told reporters.

UN Middle East envoy Alvaro de Soto told Reuters on Saturday the UN force could begin deploying in seven to 10 days, suggesting there is still some time before the "immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations," as called for in the resolution, actually comes into force.

Before ANYONE tries to say that I am trying to use Muslum or Islamic information to critisize Israel, you should take a look at where this info comes from...HAARETZ is an Israeli publication. There is also mention in this article that more Lebanese civilians have lost their lives due to Israeli stupidity.

The same scenario as Bush with his Mission Accomplished photo op, Olmert thought he could wipe out Hezbollah in a snap when, in fact, Israel has not even dented Hezbollah but has killed almost 1000 civilians, targeted civilian infrastructure and caused an environmental disaster...all this is a violation of International Law.

There is another juicy piece...sounds like a mark to me that Bush has let Israel run amok by choice...also from HAARETZ.

Isreal Must Win

The fact that the United States has spent major diplomatic capital providing Israel with an unprecedented window of opportunity to deal with Hezbollah, facing down both its European allies and the Arab League, and complicating efforts to launch multilateral sanctions against Iran, makes matters even worse.

This is especially true when U.S. domestic political developments are taken into account. In the past, Israel could depend upon a basic consensus among both Republicans and Democrats that it was a valuable, indeed indispensable, ally that occupied the moral high ground. The political sands, however, are shifting. Anti-Israeli sentiments are rife among Democrats - 59 percent want the U.S. to be more "evenhanded" in the Middle East - some of whom appear to be convinced that the Bush administration's deposition of Saddam Hussein was masterminded by "neo-conservatives" in Israel's interest.

The next setence sounds as if they may have been the speech writers for Cheney and Lieberman...

Senator Joseph Lieberman's August 8 loss in the Connecticut primary, and the evident triumph of the Democrats' neo-McGovernite wing, signal trouble ahead.

More civilian deaths according to the Jerusalem Post when a refugee convoy is attacked. How can the people of Lebanon flee if Israel will not let them?

IDF drone fires on refugee convoy

An IDF drone fired at a convoy of refugees fleeing southern Lebanon on Friday night, killing at least seven people and wounding 22, an Associated Press photographer said.

The army said it was investigating the incident.

The attack on the convoy was the most dramatic on a day of fighting Friday that saw air strikes pound south Beirut and border crossings to Syria, killing at least 15 others as ground fighting picked up intensity in the south of the country.

Lutfallah Daher, the photographer, was with the convoy when it was hit near the Bekaa Valley town of Chtaura, about 30 miles north of the Litani River. Israel has said it would attack any vehicle on roads south of the Litani, assuming it was carrying Hizbullah weapons or fighters.

The photographer said that when the convoy left the south Lebanese town of Marjayoun in southern Lebanon, it was made up of more than 600 civilian vehicles in addition to vehicles carrying 350 Lebanese soldiers and police. A few vehicles had left the convoy before it was hit, the photographer said.

How can they win an aggresive war of choice when they, like the Bush administration, ignore reality and facts in leiu of their "Divine Rightousness"? Like the Bush administration, all they have accomplished is to multiply the number of extremists and compound the hatred for Israel, the UK and the US.

There are extremists in all religions. Religion was borne of man and it is molded to the political purposes of those in power. Whatever you want to call it, it is no more than use extreme force to take what belongs to someone else. Israel wants all the land that politicians of old labelled as "The Holy Land", they started advancing on the borders of their neighbors in the late 60s and are now trying to retake what they stole before...South Lebanon. The US wants control of ME oil thinking it will give them "World Domination".

It is also pathetic that every time someone disagrees with Israel, they are labelled "Anti-Semite" Let me clue you in...

The Holocost was beyond horrible but it was a long friggin time ago. Just like whites that rage on the stupidity that they are superior, blacks who still want to rag about slavery and supposed Christians deciding that the divine right of moral judgement entitles them to discriminate against those who hold beliefs different to theirs...

Get over your self victimization...especially when you partake in similar treatment of others.


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