Friday, August 11, 2006

Israel and America Terrorizing The Middle East

Damn you George Bush...

All it would take to stop the terrorizing of the people of Lebanon is a friggin phone call from you to Olmert.

I did not like Ronald Reagan very much but at least he was man enough to call Begin (Israel's PM) and stop the Israeli carnage 20 years ago. George, you have inescapably proven that you are a lesser man than either Reagan or your father.

This is what is happening in Lebanon. Lebanon Documentary "The Fog of War" Since I was fortunate, or rather unfortunate, enough to be born an American, it puts me in the realm of partial responsibility for the carnage and I am truly angry.

The excuses you and Israel are making for the slaughter of Lebanese civilians is as bogus as the idea that you got into the Guard without your "daddy's" help. Israel has made a very small impact on Hezbollah and, in fact, had been planning their invasion for over a year before the three soldiers were kidnapped (one in Gaza, two by Hezbollah). How many prisoners does Israel hold? Do you even know...probably not. Do you have any idea how young some of them are? I doubt that you even care.

You obviously enjoy being the Commander in Terrorism since you and your stooge, John Bolton, have fought against putting an end to Israeli aggresion. What's wrong...are you trying to give them a chance to commit as much damage as possible to repay them for all the Gold Teeth your grandfather got from the Nazis? After all, it is on record that your grandfather and the Nazis had a real tight working relationship...or, like when you wimped out of serving your country, you just enjoy the idea of seeing other people die for stupidity.

Or were my earlier opinions correct that the unmitigated sadism of the Neoconservatives wish to have Israel help the U.S. annihilate any Arab who stands in your way of total world domination by way of controlling ALL of the ME OIL?

John Bolton, who has no business representing any democrasy, has already made public statements that tell the world that the Lebanese civilian lives lost have no value...this man needs to be on strong medication because those Lebanese who have died from Israeli terrorism are worth more than any of America's so called leaders.

It comes down to the fact that the Neoconservatives have one creat fear. The only way the masses in the U.S. could be led by the nose ring you brandished them with is to create a never ending cycle of fear. You would lose control if you lost the "FEAR FACTOR" so you consistently have to create more terrorism (even if you had to make it up or commit it yourself), create more hatred, chaos and death. That is all you know and all you want. In the process you have sold out the American people and our country for the sakes of your own hunger for divine power, to line your own pockets and the pockets of your personal friends.

You are not representing me nor are you representing the virtues of the Christian Bible. You have appointed yourself and your cronies as prophets of God and have chosen to force feed your judgements to those who pay your salery.

Screw you, your administration and your buddies. No living person has the right to appoint themselves as any God's personal judge. You do not represent me or my friends. Maybe you represent the bigoted, discrimination prone "Crackpot Christian's" but the last time a group followed an idiot so closely is when they all drank poison kool-aid, murdering their own children.

May you, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton and all the rest of you like minded self rightous pricks have to bear the burden of every child killed by munitions you so willingly send to Israel.

May you all burn in the very hell you are creating.


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