Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Israel's Inhumanity and U.S. Complicity in Genocide

The United States and France were supposed to be coming up with a reasonable way to end the crisis in Lebanon. I say "supposed to" because it obviously was not John Bolton's desire to end the crisis and the longer he insists on giving Israel everything it wants, the longer Israel has to smother an entire soveriegn nation...kill off the whole of Lebanon - women, children and all - for it's delusions of entitlement to posess the land that the Lebanese people have.

New York Times article
BEIRUT, Lebanon, Aug. 8 — Dr. Nadim Cortas saw the destruction wrought by Lebanon’s 15-year civil war, and the shortages of medical supplies that went with it.

But, he says, he never thought he would face a situation like this: the respirators and critical medical equipment in his hospital could soon come to a halt.

“This is the doomsday scenario,” said Dr. Cortas, dean of the faculty of medicine at the American University of Beirut and vice president for medical affairs. “We have about 10 days of power left,” he said.

Almost one month into the siege of Lebanon, with a land, sea and air blockade by Israel choking off the country, fuel reserves have all but dried up.

Two ships that were to offload more than 30,000 tons each of diesel fuel and fuel oil to crank the country’s power plants and generators have languished in Cyprus, unable or unwilling to enter Lebanese waters.

A large stockpile of fuel oil at the Jiyeh power plant, just south of Beirut, was lost when Israeli warplanes bombed it on the second day of the war, sending oil seeping into the Mediterranean Sea or catching fire, sending a thick plume over Beirut.

Even when authorities have been able to scrounge up diesel fuel to power generators, trucks have not been able to deliver it to hospitals in the south of the country because of bombed out roadways and continuing air strikes.

The most pessimistic estimates have the country running out of fuel for its power plants in a week; the most optimistic give Lebanon less than a month before the blackout.

It is bad enough that John Bolton refuses to allow any Arab input and is rejecting everything fair in this horrible demonstration of greed, but he actually allowed the Israelis to help draft the resolution which gave them all they wanted out of it. They can still ocupy Lebanon and continue doing damage as long as the U.S. refuses the call for an immediate ceasefire.

Nowhere have the shortages been more critical, though, than in Lebanon’s hospitals, many of which have been forced to close departments or turn away all but the most critical cases.

Kidney dialysis supplies have been running out, as have stocks of heart medications and nuclear medicine for diagnostic tests, Dr. Cortas said.

The potential loss of electrical power — both from the national utility, Électricité du Liban, and from in-house generators — poses the most catastrophic problem, he and others said.

“A hospital won’t stop working because it’s missing one or two medications — you simply find substitutes,” said Sleiman Haroun, head of Lebanon’s association of hospital owners, which has scrambled to find fuel and keep supply lines running. “But a hospital will grind to a halt if it’s out of fuel.”

The American University Hospital, the region’s pre-eminent medical research and treatment center, never closed its doors during the civil war or during numerous Israeli bombardments that followed. But even here, doctors and personnel have begun to fear a possible shutdown.

“We never thought we could get to ground zero in such a short time,” said George Tomey, who became acting president of the university when the school’s American and European staff evacuated at the beginning of the war. “I have been here for 40 years and this is the worst it has ever been.”

By Monday, 200 of the hospital’s 325 beds were occupied. There were between 8 and 12 patients in intensive care, 22 babies in critical condition in the neonatal ward and at least 37 casualties from the bombings in the south.

It could take up to 20 tons of diesel fuel a day to keep the hospital running if the main utility shuts down, says Dr. Haroun, the hospital association official. Even smaller hospitals need hundreds of gallons of diesel per day to stay powered, quantities that are becoming harder find.

“Hospitals typically store 20 day’s worth of fuel — now many have only two or three days,” Dr. Haroun said. “Sure you can eventually find one or two days’ worth. But then what?”

In Beirut, hospital administrators have agreed to funnel utility power to Beirut’s four largest hospitals and leave smaller hospitals powered by generators, said Dr. Cortas, the medical school dean.

That decision ensures diesel supplies remain with those hospitals, buying perhaps several more days. More drastic plans include gathering critical patients at one hospital that will get priority for diesel.

American University Hospital officials have also begun to lobby the United States to pressure Israel to allow oil tankers to sail into Beirut. The ships’ captains have refused to enter Lebanese waters without Israeli and United Nations guarantees. So far, however, the Israelis have not granted the ships safe passage, Mr. Asr said.

So this is our big plan for the Middle East? We shall have Israel kill off the Lebanese and Palestinians, that will eventually draw Syria and Iran into it and then we can jump in, irradiating every square inch of the ME with DU weapons like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan (which Israel is now doing, thanks to us) and kill off every Arab dissenter who believes that his/her home is worth fighting for.

America used to be the country to jump in and help to stop the insanity but now George W. Bush has his own entitlement delusions...

Middle Eastern oil is ours...the Arabs just occupied our fields before we got there.

The "Crackpot Christian's" or American Taliban...extremist Evangelicals...are looking forward to Armegeddon and thanking Bush for it. They see Israel's actions as rushing in the "second coming" of Jesus. Let us be clear on this...the MAN IS DEAD. There will be no redemption because of Israel's U.S. approved genocide. Any God who would approve of the actions of Israel is not a God of any kind of morality. Get over it and check your meds.

You can get your self rightious undies in a twist all you want and you can also call me whatever you like. I do not shrink from religious labeling because I know for a fact that any person with real faith and devotion to their beliefs will not stoop to playground rules and childish name calling. If that's the best you can do you are wasting your time.

Any person supporting Israels land grab is a traitor to humanity.


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