Friday, June 03, 2005

The Difference 4 Days Can Make...

Bush Says Pleased With Progress In Iraq

``I believe that the Iraqi government's going to be plenty capable of dealing with them (insurgents), and our job is to help train them so that they can,'' Bush said.

In just four (4) days, how can he go from being so pleased about the progress to them actually asking for more support and stating that we have backed too far out? Could it be that Bush really does wear the proverbial rose colored glasses in order to make everything look rosy or is he attempting to save face in front of America by flat out fabricating how things really are...or he could be assuming that all of us are stupid since some decided to vote for him in November.

I believe he thinks the masses are stupid...

Foreign Minister Zebari warns that the United States has withdrawn too much, leaving the new government struggling to cope and endangering the long-term prospects for Iraq's success.

June 03,2005
In general, Zebari said the United States has pulled back too much in Iraq, after what many Iraqis considered heavy-handed leadership during the 14-month U.S. rule of Iraq. "There is something between too much and not enough," Zebari said. Washington, he said, now needs to be "more focused and more engaged" and not say "this is yours, hands off." Failing to meet established deadlines for the democratic transition would be "the end of trying to transform Iraq," he warned.

So...they can handle it? Sounds as if the Iraqi government is not as capable as Mr. Bush wants the citizens of the US to believe...but then again we have not been told the truth in many instances according to information and evidence that has surfaced of late so we should not be surprised..

Zebari also asked the United States for additional staff and resources to accelerate the creation of a new Iraqi army and police force, particularly with insurgent attacks increasingly targeting the new Iraqi security forces.
Finally, the Iraqi government asked Washington to speed up the confirmation of its new ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad. Iraq has been without a top U.S. envoy since John D. Negroponte returned to Washington in mid-March to become the administration's new director of national intelligence.

The US leaves them WITHOUT an ambassador for two month...slick move...

Then we have the ultimate admission from one of our own former CIA analysts...

"We're in a dilemma. We want it to appear that the Iraqis are making all the decisions -- and pretty much they are. As long as U.S. interests are not directly at stake, we've allowed Iraqis to run the show and make their own mistakes and be responsible. The problem is when there aren't results, we're blamed," said Judith Yaphe, a former CIA analyst now at the National Defense University.

As long as U.S. interests are not directly at stake, we've allowed Iraqis to run the show

For the first time we get honesty and transparency...IF our interests are not at stakes, we will LET another country's government run their own show.

Who says the Bush administration is not striving for total dominance for their American Empire...maybe arguing that it is not true makes one look more idiotic than those trying to pull it off.


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