Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bush Loves To Change The Rules...

We have seen how the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress like to change the rules in order to get their way...changing ethics rules to cover Tom Delay and then stacking the panel with Delay's backers and trying to assert the failed nuclear option just to name two. Now it seems, Bush is rearranging things again.

Our government has a set of rules for just about everything. We have a Chain of Command for every top post for the simple reason that if the people at the top become incapacitated, their job will fall on the shoulders of the person in the next highest seat. For instance if Bush could not perform his duties in the Oval Office, Cheney would fill his shoes...*shudder at the thought*.

We have a break in that Chain when it comes to the position of Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld holds the top position even though he seems terribly unqualified, he is not realistic and he deferred out of any chance to serve our country when he had the chance and has no inkling about what war entails on a personal basis. Even so, he holds the top position. When Wolfowitz (another inexperienced proponent of war) left his position as Rumsfeld's deputy, it left a break in the Chain of Commend. If anything should happen to Rumsfeld there would have been no back up for his job.

Until rules get changed...

The presidential executive order spelling out the line of succession to act as defense secretary says no one in that line can become the acting secretary if he holds his own position in an "acting" capacity.

With this in mind, it seems a bit odd that Bush would, in fact, seek to install the acting Navy Secretary, Gordon England, to the post instead of finding someone who could put all of their efforts into the Deputy position.

The only way England could assume the job with Rumsfeld travelling abroad is by having Bush change the rules...and that is exactly what he did.

Bush alters Pentagon line of succession

I have to wonder, yet again, when is the United States going to stop the Bush administration from remaking the whole of our government into their own old boys' club? Why is it that other officials have had to follow the rules but Bush and his bullies do not, instead they just reform our government in their own image.

We stopped the nuclear option for now, thank goodness. My opinion of Frist is not at all rosy. When, as his constituent, I have voiced my concerns he has done little more than ignore my concerns in lieu of giving me the Bush line and how Bush deserves this, etc. My concerns are thrown down the toilet for the official paty line. His allegience should be more to the people who vote than to Bush but I can personally witness that this is not the case.

Maybe we have to crumble and have the American Empire fall before America wakes up...too bad.


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